Go Viral

One of the main purposes of marketing

is to attract attention and create interest. For more details on marketing’s purposes click here. The guys at Chron explain it nicely so there is no need for me to repeat things on internet.

Go Viral

Go Viral

How do you create interest?

To attract attention and create interest you probably need to engage people with your marketing campaigns. Advice on how to engage people can be found in some of my other marketing related posts here, especially on the content marketing related posts here and here. As you will find in my previews posts and in other marketing related articles posted around the web, pictures, and videos can help your marketing campaign receive lots of attention as well as optimize your website. The question now is, how does my picture or video go viral? Do you remember the crazy thing that happened with Mr PSY and his Gangman style  music video that has reached more than 2 billion views on Youtube Continue reading


Favourite marketing campaign of the week.

Marketing can be done in many ways today. Someone can use straightforward marketing (direct), teasing or guerilla, there are many ways and many different channels that someone can use in order to advertise its products.

Every now and then there are inspirations that can be memorable.

The advertisement above is part of Mobiles.co.uk most recent marketing campaign.

You’ve got to love the challenge they came up with and if the people who took the challenges are random for real this is an amazing inspiration because before the video was published there was endorsement from the participants.

It’s fun to watch and I hope you enjoy it.

Email Marketing Advice #1

Better results for less with inbound marketing

Companies do lots of online marketing. It’s only natural – according to statistics provided by Hubspot 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing, while two times as many marketers say inbound delivers bellow average cost per lead than outbound methods.


Companies save $20K on average per year by investing more in inbound marketing VS outbound.

For more details on inbound marketing please download the free report here Continue reading

Content Marketing for beginners: Guide #2


Few weeks back I published Content Marketing: Guide #1 where I talked about how to content marketing for beginners.

I share my blog in few different media and I get some questions every now and then. About 3 weeks ago a reader required 2 things from me:

Q1 Franchisees ie stand alone operators who are in the business of retailing products that they have a stake once removed

Q2 A  love of Physics

From what I understand in Q1 I am asked to advice how a business in retail can use content marketing properly and Q2 is something about physics.

I am going to be completely honest with you and I will admit that I don’t really know physics. I do know content marketing and retailing though so I will try to provide you with something helpful. Continue reading

Content Marketing: Guide 1

What is content marketing


The art of marketing has been around for many years. Both traditional and digital marketing come in many forms. A form that most people are familiar with is the marketing through content.

I was sitting at the book store the other day and I was going through the pages of two books which take you back to advertisements from 1960s to 1990s. These ads had a main thing in common; they were presenting a product’s picture which was complemented by a big description. Both the picture and the description can be considered as content, visual and written.

The latest book I read about content marketing written by Explore B2B defines the concept in a very simple way Continue reading