You Have A Voice, Use It

Recently, I had the luck to connect with Tania De Jong over Twitter. Our initial Twitter connection led to us connecting on LinkedIn. After connecting on LinkedIn, Tania asked me to check out her TEDx Talk with name “How singing together changes the brain”. As you can see in the video at the end of the post, Tania has a very nice voice, a voice that she discovered after many people told her that she couldn’t sing.

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Can you sing, are you creative?

Tania asks people something important during her talk. She asks how many people were told that they can’t sing at some point in their life.

Her talk gives some really nice insights about the power of singing. Her work proves that everyone can sing and everyone can be creative.

She supports that singing is something that everyone can do, simply because everyone has been given a voice. Some people try to take our voice away, don’t let them, it belongs to you, use it.

“We’ve all given a voice to tune in and to express ourselves”

“A lot of people don’t think they can sing, and the same goes for creativity”

I would like to support Tania’s statement about singing and creativity. Besides a voice, we’ve all given imagination and creativity. The prove for that is every kid in the world, regardless background, they can use their imagination to learn, to play, to understand the world. We’ve all been kids, we’ve all used our imagination, it is real, it exists into every single one of us. Continue reading