In Cyprus for a few days

Didn’t write a post for a while as I didn’t have anything worth mentioning to share. I’ve been working and learning intensively for the last few months and now for the last couple of days I’m in Cyprus to visit my family and take a short break from my life in Scotland.

Catching up with friends made me realise how much I’ve grown since 2010. Being an entrepreneur and screwing up shit lots of times probably plays a role to my “growth”.

Most of my friends received their degrees as well and are having their first jobs.

I have to note that the Cypriot economy has faced a huge decline during the global economic crisis period. I had a couple of conversations with some people who started their own small businesses and I had the opportunity to talk to friends that work for established international companies; these are some of the ways people try to help the island to get back on its feet.

It’s nice to see, but I see a lack of business education. The small business owners don’t really know their target audiences and their market in general. They also tend to use as their only marketing tool their Facebook page, that’s not the way to go.

In the other hand established firms seem to have a difficulty to let the wrong employees go. This tends to cause problems and bottom line it won’t really help the economy recover anytime soon.

This post is very informal and it’s just my way of saying that there is a big need for entrepreneurial/business education in the island of Cyprus. People also need to start thinking global for once.


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