I suck at pitching Groupmates. I think, mainly because of the number of people that are adding effort and ideas in the pitch’s content.

During the second day of the Converge Challenge’s 2 days training, we focused on pitching. Now I think I am ready to submit a video pitch before the 7th, the deadline of the application.

During the training the follow points were emphasized:

– First consider who’s my audience? What are the audience’s expectations, what do they know, what do they need?

Points to include (not in particular order):

1 – Introduce myself: Name, Company, Position
2 – What’s the problem i’m solving?
3 – What’s my solution and USP (Magic)?
4 – Market size?
5 – Team (When our team is actually something really strong, at the current stage we can skip it)
6 – Current status (Trialed it? Prototype? Funding? Awards? Customer feedback? [Show that someone else believes in what we are doing])
7 – Call to action

Use an anecdote, example, a statistic, a quote, a testimonial, a visual aid (prop, slide, video-clip), analogies, metaphors..things that can grab the audience’s attention, add some color in what I am talking about.

We also received pointers on how to deliver the pitch. Although I guess this is more relevant when you deliver a pitch face to face and no via a recorded video.

Ask myself always in the pitch, so what? Why am I doing this, why am I saying this, is it useful?

The pitch is a teaser, what’s the point of a business model, make them curious enough to ask.

A very important note is the two main elements that they’d like to see in the pitch which are:

#1) Make sure you deliver the message of what you do in simple ways for everyone to understand

#2) Pass through the message of who you are (Personality and credibility). Does he know what he’s talking about? Can I spend time with him, doing business?

Personality and credibility are actually the most important part of the pitch. Investors are not really interested in what we are doing, they’re interested if we can actually deliver it, make it fly!

Being yourself, don’t become a performer, show them that they can work long-term with you.

What about the pace? Is my pace too quick, too slow, just about right? Apparently everybody has a unique way of speaking. The most important thing is to make sure that we speak on our natural pace.

-Pace, too quickly, too slow, just about right?
-Rate of work deliver (use my natural rate when I talk)..If I start slowing every single word down, I’ll get boring.
-Rate of idea-presentation. The idea could be 3 or 4 words.

In a 30 minutes pitch, I had to do, not regarding the business, but regarding myself for our YCombinator application, you can see the difference of how clear I speak, just by changing my pace.

Here is the video we submitted: 

When I speak, I don’t sound very good. Although I recorded a better version of my part later, we were running out of time. So here is what we should’ve submitted: 

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the first version. You can see clearly how the change in pace makes an actual difference on the way I deliver my pitch.

All of the audience, can’t listen and think at the same time.

Put some poses in my pitch. Don’t fill it just with words.

For posting:
#1) A thinking pose – Maybe stop for a couple of seconds before I start talking. It shows my listener that I’m thinking before I speak, it also makes me look really confident because I am using silence, and thirdly from my point of view, it allows me to gather my thoughts.

You make sure the listener gets your point. Otherwise, what's the point of your pitch anyway?Did you get that?

#2) Did you get that pose – A signal through silence and eye contact which essentially says, did you get that? Because that pose comes with eye contact, it shows that I actually believe what I’m talking about.

When we pitch, our adrenalinEternalism definitione is so high that the time we are in is actually a fictional time zone. We feel like everything happens so fast!

I haven’t recorded the pitch for Converge Challenge competition just yet, but I will probably share it here as soon as I record it.

I have to prepare a 3 minutes pitch for PirateSummit competition in Germany, next month. Any volunteers out there to help me practice?


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