I suck at pitching Groupmates. I think, mainly because of the number of people that are adding effort and ideasĀ in the pitch’s content.

During the second day of the Converge Challenge’s 2 days training, we focused on pitching. Now I think I am ready to submit a video pitch before the 7th, the deadline of the application.

During the training the follow points were emphasized:

– First consider who’s my audience? What are the audience’s expectations, what do they know, what do they need?

Points to include (not in particular order):

1 – Introduce myself: Name, Company, Position
2 – What’s the problem i’m solving?
3 – What’s my solution and USP (Magic)?
4 – Market size?
5 – Team (When our team is actually something really strong, at the current stage we can skip it)
6 – Current status (Trialed it? Prototype? Funding? Awards? Customer feedback? [Show that someone else believes in what we are doing])
7 – Call to action

Use an anecdote, example, a statistic, a quote, a testimonial, a visual aid (prop, slide, video-clip), analogies, metaphors..things that can grabĀ the audience’s attention, add some color in what I am talking about.

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