Preparing for an interview to land a job I love.

Shower √

Pill before food √

Shower and pill before breakfast are done. The two frist things I do every morning before I start reading news and then move on to the rest of my day. I’ve already read some news – mostly business, new product, and marketing related such as today’s three articles of my choice.

1. Tricks about Windows 10 from the @verge: – The reason for reading this is obvious, I updated my Windows yesterday.

2. My marketing and new product reading material came together in a post by @TheNextWeb regarding Tagplay, a tool that lets you update you update your website using your own social media profiles: – I guess I found my toy for this weekend.

3. Third but not least is a post by one of my favourite life hackers, investor and author, Tim Ferriss. The post is named the Not-To-Do list. We all know that we do things that kill our productivity, here is a list of 9 habits:

Today I won’t leave my home before 12 noon, though. You probably noticed that this is my first post in a long while. Since January 2015, I’ve been dealing with health issues such as depression and stress. Needless to say, I ended up in the doctor’s office about a month ago, with unexplained pains etc. That is where the pill before breakfast comes, I need to help my nervous system to work properly and digest food properly. This is a small part of my treatment. The most important part of my treatment is changing my diet, going back to the gym, and find a job that I love and provides me with income.

A job that I love – That’s where this post comes. I have an interview in about 2 and a half hours for a marketing role at @LugusMarketing. Lugus Marketing is an Edinburgh based Marketing company, providing digital, traditional marketing and consulting. The company launched earlier this year, and although it is a young company it grew enough to need new personnel. Working for a small new company is actually an ambition of mine at this stage of my life. I believe it can help me learn from people who not only do marketing but also grow fast. From what someone can see in the company’s portfolio, they have mainly worked with retail and service companies so far and I’d like to ask what they did exactly as part of their works with the clients listed in their portfolio.

I am guessing – From the phone conversation I had with the manager in charge of recruiting, I know that they do mainly digital campaigns so far. This includes the following services, for the sake of self-awareness I will include how I feel about each of the services myself.

– SEO (I feel confident, I know that Search Engines require useful content, the more is shared the most trustworthy is considered by the engine. Keywords emphasized words and much more can play part for how good your SEO could be. I would like to learn more from the guys at Lugus as well).
– Social media management and campaigns (I personally favour social media for lead generation. No matter how big or small my follower numbers, I consider them useless if they are not related to my brand – Looking forward to learn more from Lugus, I should probably ask for their approach during the interview).
– Analytics (Important, confident, to learn more).
– Digital marketing campaigns (Be creative, target, shoot – That’s how I feel a digital marketing campaign should happen. It can include Instagram image posts or Vine/Youtube campaigns – make sure you share this creative content with your fans, make people laugh and always include a link to your website so they can visit while they enjoy your campaign – As always I’d like to learn more).
– Outreach (Third party posts, word of mouth etc. I see outreach marketing as an endorsement technique of a kind. I haven’t really used it so I’d like to experiment and learn).
– Website redesign (I understand the principles that can make a good user experience. The design should go hand to hand with the brand message which also goes hand to hand with the right keywords that improve your SEO. I love good websites, I hate bad ones. That’s how I feel about it. I can always learn more. I don’t have photoshop skills, but I can create mockups with my ideas. If photoshop skills are required I’ll learn).

I love learning – For example, yesterday evening I was talking to a friend who might need to create PPC campaigns for some of her personal clients. I offered to do it either for very little or for free as I would like to refresh my skills a little bit. On top of that, as I want to change my life for the best, and I know that I love marketing, this evening I am attending a presentation at CodeBase Edinburgh about AdWords account optimisation. I am back in the game and I am ready to work hard for the company that will give me an opportunity.

Questions I want to ask them include – What are your thoughts regarding Edinburgh based competitors such as Whitespace, the Leith Agency and MediaBloom? What do your customers think makes you different?

I think I am ready for the interview. Some extra questions I could ask are, where Lugus wants to be in 3-5 years in terms of size and geographical reach.

P.S. I know this might seem like a weird way to prepare for an interview but I guess it works for me.


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