Preparing for an interview to land a job I love.

Shower √

Pill before food √

Shower and pill before breakfast are done. The two frist things I do every morning before I start reading news and then move on to the rest of my day. I’ve already read some news – mostly business, new product, and marketing related such as today’s three articles of my choice.

1. Tricks about Windows 10 from the @verge: – The reason for reading this is obvious, I updated my Windows yesterday.

2. My marketing and new product reading material came together in a post by @TheNextWeb regarding Tagplay, a tool that lets you update you update your website using your own social media profiles: – I guess I found my toy for this weekend.

3. Third but not least is a post by one of my favourite life hackers, investor and author, Tim Ferriss. The post is named the Not-To-Do list. We all know that we do things that kill our productivity, here is a list of 9 habits:

Today I won’t leave my home before 12 noon, though. You probably noticed that this is my first post in a long while. Since January 2015, I’ve been dealing with health issues such as depression and stress. Needless to say, I ended up in the doctor’s office about a month ago, with unexplained pains etc. That is where the pill before breakfast comes, I need to help my nervous system to work properly and digest food properly. This is a small part of my treatment. The most important part of my treatment is changing my diet, going back to the gym, and find a job that I love and provides me with income.

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