You Have A Voice, Use It

Recently, I had the luck to connect with Tania De Jong over Twitter. Our initial Twitter connection led to us connecting on LinkedIn. After connecting on LinkedIn, Tania asked me to check out her TEDx Talk with name “How singing together changes the brain”. As you can see in the video at the end of the post, Tania has a very nice voice, a voice that she discovered after many people told her that she couldn’t sing.

Share-Connect the dots

Can you sing, are you creative?

Tania asks people something important during her talk. She asks how many people were told that they can’t sing at some point in their life.

Her talk gives some really nice insights about the power of singing. Her work proves that everyone can sing and everyone can be creative.

She supports that singing is something that everyone can do, simply because everyone has been given a voice. Some people try to take our voice away, don’t let them, it belongs to you, use it.

“We’ve all given a voice to tune in and to express ourselves”

“A lot of people don’t think they can sing, and the same goes for creativity”

I would like to support Tania’s statement about singing and creativity. Besides a voice, we’ve all given imagination and creativity. The prove for that is every kid in the world, regardless background, they can use their imagination to learn, to play, to understand the world. We’ve all been kids, we’ve all used our imagination, it is real, it exists into every single one of us.

Unlock your creativity

Tania also talks about the scientific connection of singing and the brain.

According to studies singing connects you to the right sight of your brain, the creative one.

Creativity is an endangered species

Tania has been working with top teams and companies, trying to build and unleash creativity and innovation, and she is shocked by the amount of people who feel that they can’t be creative.

“Creativity has become the most endangered species in the 21st century”

“Never has the need for creativity been so compelling and never has genuine creativity been in such short supply”

Mathews and Wacker 

IBM global CEO study (2010) says:

“In an increasingly complex and uncertain global environment, the most important leadership attribute is creativity”

It’s all about connecting the dots

Tania also quotes one of my favourites, the late Steve Jobs, when he stated:


You can listen to his statement during his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University

Tania translates it as connecting with people on a regular basis, who are really different than us.

I suggest that you take a moment and you think about it, reflect back to yourself and try to see that the people you hung out with are very likely to be of a similar background. I remember my first marketing lecturer at uni, she stated on our first day

“Take a good look around. Some people in this room are very likely to be your friends for the rest of your life. Your future wife and husband may be in this room. Studies say that most people are getting married with people from their work environment, which is totally normal as you spend most of your time with them, sharing the same interests.”

That means that you put yourself in a box. Tania suggests that you get out there, be different, break the rules, and who knows, you may end up with people that will inspire you and help you build something out of this world.

Step out of the box

I like Tania’s approach to boxes. She states that we talk more to boxes and screens that we talk to one another. If you think about it, it’s true, we talk through our computers, phones, tablets etcetera, but we hardly  talk to each other.

Tania continues by stating that creativity happens somewhere between the boxes, where our mind grow – In the space where we connect with loving relationships with others, when we are going to nature or when we do activities like meditation

Humans are not meant to live insight boxes. We are a species that likes freedom. Hajime Isayama, a Japanese manga artist, expresses the need for freedom through his latest manga “Attack on Titans”, a story that suggests that people build walls in order to protect themselves from an enemy they couldn’t understand or defeat. Living insight the walls though frustrates some members of the mankind who want to get out and explore the world. You can watch the first anime season of the manga on

A bit of science

Some facts that Tania includes in her talk.

Neuroscience proves choral singing has incredible psychological benefits – Singing increases bloodflow, improve neural pathways, releases endorphins, increases neuroplasticity, and sets your auditory cortex and right temporal lobe abuzz.

Singing taps into the right brain and enhances learning, language and other skills

Before there were governments and nations, groups of people who could sing better had more chance of survival.


Tania and I are preparing a pod-cast sometime in March, where we will talk about her talk, creativity, and what techniques an organisation, especially a start-up, can apply to make sure that it remains creative no-matter how big a company gets.

To find more about Tania’s work connect with her on Twitter

Keep tuned. Comment below, I’ll read all of your comments 🙂


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