Go Viral

One of the main purposes of marketing

is to attract attention and create interest. For more details on marketing’s purposes click here. The guys at Chron explain it nicely so there is no need for me to repeat things on internet.

Go Viral

Go Viral

How do you create interest?

To attract attention and create interest you probably need to engage people with your marketing campaigns. Advice on how to engage people can be found in some of my other marketing related posts here, especially on the content marketing related posts here and here. As you will find in my previews posts and in other marketing related articles posted around the web, pictures, and videos can help your marketing campaign receive lots of attention as well as optimize your website. The question now is, how does my picture or video go viral? Do you remember the crazy thing that happened with Mr PSY and his Gangman style  music video that has reached more than 2 billion views on Youtube

So how do I go Viral??

Our friends at BBC give us the answer through their video “How do you make a viral video?”, straight forward really. So some editor experts are telling the world how to do it. Your video should

#1 Engage the users in the first 7 seconds

#2 Tell a good story – Our friend Sam can tell you how to do that

#3 Be funny – Now that’s funny!

#4 Keep the viewers attention – Remind people that what you show is important and they need to pay attention.

#5 Use animals – Who doesn’t love a cat

#6 Feature a well known face/influencer – Who would you go with? Is it Kim? You see the main goal of Kim’s photo-shoot was to go viral on all media. The bad thing is that they got negative reviews..oups.

#7 Surprise – Because I’m happy and I like Pharrell Williams, here is a surprise for you all.

#8 Be emotional – That’s probably why you liked the Notebook! Now stop crying you guys!

#9 Make it short – Less than 3 minutes please.

So that’s how you make a viral video, or at-least you make a video which you hope is going to go viral but you don’t

know if it will.


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