Can’t choose? Just ask!


How many times a day you find yourself in a dilemma? Our days are full of choices. Some times simple choices, such as, choosing what to wear or what song to listen to can be difficult. The reason? Unknown to me, but I’d say because we are humans, simple really.

In the professional world choices are more important than what to eat. Many people spend lots of time and energy, trying to make the best purchase decision, or the best suitable time to drink coffee so they don’t fall asleep during their meeting (just saying).

Recently I decided to change the Twitter bio for my start-up, Groupmates, but as always I couldn’t choose what to write. What I did was really simple. I thought “who can provide me with a professional and reliable answer to my dilemma?”, the answer was “probably marketing professionals”. So I posted the question to few business and marketing groups on LinkedInWhich one to choose??As you can see on the screenshot the options were:

#1 “Aim to make collaborative learning a natural extension of students’ daily activities. The collaboration tool made by students, for students”

#2 “Changing the way students work and study together. We are the collaboration tool made by students for students”

Everybody’s answer was “#2” so we went with number 2. Within the comments people included explanations for why they like the second choice better. This extra information could be of future use, so thank you guys!

Spending 10 minutes to post a question on several groups, saved me the time and energy I could’ve spent, if I wanted to relay to myself to figure out what to choose.

The next time you have to make a choice, think that your time is important, people like to help when they can, and everybody can give an opinion, especially when you asked them something related to their profession.

Extra wisdom from wise people:

“There is not such thing as a stupid question” – Many people say so

“A person who asks a question remains stupid for a moment. A person who doesn’t ask a question remains stupid for ever” – Don’t remember who said it but it sounds wise.


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