Less Problems, More Challenges

A while back I promised to a friend that I’ll write something about the challenge she took to design a Dracula Untold cover. I didn’t want to write just about the challenge though. I wanted to give an extra reason for the readers to read. So around 2 months later I came up with this post.

So many problems at work, please help!

There are many companies in the world, all creating or selling all kinds of products and services. The competition in more industries is cruel and tough and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..

The introduction is something that a marketing, a business, and a management professional will read in many many books during their time at uni. You will also listen to this statement from your “colleagues” on a daily basis (most likely). You could choose a different point of view to the “problems” that your company faces because of cruel competition. The reason I put “problems” into a pair of quotation marks is because, while most people choose to see them as “problems” others, including myself choose to see them as “CHALLENGES”.

I’ve noticed that ever since I started thinking of my “problems” as just “challenges” I became more productive. When I am facing a difficult situation instead of getting stressed up, I say to myself “challenge accepted”, then I start being creative.

Why all this introduction man?

The introduction of this post mentions few key points:

  • Talking or listening to how difficult life and work is, it’s booooooring and depressing
  • Problems could easily be just CHALLENGES
  • More challenges and less stress boost your creativity

Problems could be just Challenges

Mr Srikumar Rao, a very wise man, explains how perception of things is just a choice, in his Inc presentation here

Challenge boosts creativity, a real example

A statement should be supported by examples, so here it is.

A while back I received a message from a friend I haven’t talked to for a while. She is a third year student at the Grays School of Art (Robert Gordon University). She was taking part in a design challenge organised by Universal Pictures and Talenthouse Community. The challenge was to design the cover for Dracula Untold Soundtrack & Remix the Soundtrack.

By giving a challenge to creative students they received amazing results. Here is my friends design

Dracula Untold by Alisa

Here is the scenario with which my brain explains this challenge:

Universal pictures was facing a “problem”, they couldn’t think of a cool cover for the soundtrack. The production of the movie costs around $70 million and probably they didn’t want to spend more. The challenge gave them tons of material and they gave few thousand dollars to the winners, cheap and most of all creative.

Give us your creative ways of overcoming different challenges at work or your life.



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