TV Ad Campaign Of The Year

This ad is Funny, Smart, and Sends the Message

The author is not paid or anything by Berocca.
Just really liked their campaign, it's creative.


The year is coming to an end and you know that I like marketing and ads so here is my personal favourite TV Campaign

“Berocca Sponsors Outstanding Performance”

Probably most people don’t like ads and you are very likely to switch between channels when the so call “advertisement break” time comes.

Berocca managed to create an amazing series of small clips. The clips are funny, smart, and most importantly they give you the message of the brand in just 10-15 seconds.  The message:

Drink Berocca and accomplish anything. Outsmart monsters, defuse bombs, escape hunted places. Whatever it is Berocca can help you overcome it.

I literally bought Berocca because of the ads. I’d like to meet the guys behind the campaign because they’re geniuses.

Pointer for university students

Guys, we know that you need to study, work, exercise, and party, these activities are a must during a student’s life. Having outstanding performance in all four areas is a dream come true. Imagine straight As and the social life of Barney Stinson, that’ll be legen…wait for it..Dary, right?!

So next time you feel a bit down, check out Berocca’s ads and/or try their product.


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