Content Marketing for beginners: Guide #2


Few weeks back I published Content Marketing: Guide #1 where I talked about how to content marketing for beginners.

I share my blog in few different media and I get some questions every now and then. About 3 weeks ago a reader required 2 things from me:

Q1 Franchisees ie stand alone operators who are in the business of retailing products that they have a stake once removed

Q2 A  love of Physics

From what I understand in Q1 I am asked to advice how a business in retail can use content marketing properly and Q2 is something about physics.

I am going to be completely honest with you and I will admit that I don’t really know physics. I do know content marketing and retailing though so I will try to provide you with something helpful.

At Idea Agency, we managed to publish a small press-release for one of our customers in a magazine call Trend. Trend is an Aberdeen based life-style magazine and it happens to be the perfect much for Escale France, which is a French fashion boutique located in Aberdeen. The press-release is really simple:2014-10-14It includes everything necessary for Escale. It says what it is “New French Fashion Boutique“, where it is located, what brands it has in stock, what is the focus of the company “Focus is on well-made womenswear with a twist, suitable for work or play”.

The above press-release it’s a type of content marketing and I will let you know how we ended up having it published on Trend.

It all started with a Tweet. I was checking out hash-tags about fashion and Aberdeen on Twitter and I realised that few individuals who were twitting about fashion in Aberdeen were connected to Trend. I followed them and interacted with a couple of their tweets. It took about a week to get familiar with some people over the social platform, we exchanged email addresses and we arranged the press-release.

If you are in retail you have the luck to have new products to promote almost every month. This fact makes you favourable towards press that is related to your target audience. The idea is simple, media need news in order to get readers and you can provide them with these news.

New lines can give you the opportunity to create content on different media online completely for free. A paragraph from a post at AdRank can explain this better.

Perfect for retail
Retail brands are perfectly placed to take advantage of the benefits of great content marketing. With a constant stream of new products, companies can utilise imagery, video and social channels to effectively engage their target audience. And retail brands are increasingly concentrating their budget and resources in this way.

Take Adidas for example, a company that has the ability to spend millions of pounds for marketing every year but they take advantage of every little free marketing they can get. Check out a vine from Adidas bellow.

It couldn’t be cheaper! An Adidas football (their product), placed on a beach in Rio and got shot in different times of the day. Everyone could do this with a smart phone and the Vine app. Then you share it on Twitter and Facebook with #WorldCup #allin and voilà – beautiful free content.

One more amazing example would be the use of pictures. People love pictures, many people would say that one picture worth one thousand words. What do you think of Pinterest? Let me tell you, is perfect for retailers. Here is Top Shop’s page – Top Shop Pinterest – Top Shop explains to you in the small video bellow how to create your Christmas list on Pinterest. Guess what, after you create your list you can share it on other social media so friends can see it. This is creating a “hallo” effect, an effect that we marketeers love because it brings more traffic to our campaign and we don’t even need to try hard.

Dear Topshop – Pinterest Campaign from nerv on Vimeo.

I hope the above information is helpful. Please let me know if you want me to answer any more questions to you with a comment bellow.


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