From networking events to meetings



I recently took the decision to expand my company’s customer base and based to the assumption or -fact according the the image above – that 71% of a company’s customers buy because they like you, trust you and respect you I started looking for ways to meet potential customers personally before I sent the cold email or make the cold phone call.

I came up with few solutions which include face to face networking events (F2F), becoming part of groups such as the ABN network in Aberdeen or the Chamber of Commerce and so forth.

I try to follow some basic networking principles such as – ask for a list of delegates – find out which delegates I want to talk to and why – approach them at the event – follow up with an email and a personal meeting. (Any other networking tips? Feel free to give them to me in a comment or a tweet)

Problem is that so far I haven’t really got any actual business from any networking even or community as I’ve been making use of this approach for only a couple of weeks. I got to meet some interesting people and listen to few interesting stories from other business people though.

Hopefully the results of this approach are going to be visible very soon. I am looking forward to it so I can come back to my blog and write about the outcome and share it with you all. 


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