Content Marketing for beginners: Guide #2


Few weeks back I published Content Marketing: Guide #1 where I talked about how to content marketing for beginners.

I share my blog in few different media and I get some questions every now and then. About 3 weeks ago a reader required 2 things from me:

Q1 Franchisees ie stand alone operators who are in the business of retailing products that they have a stake once removed

Q2 A  love of Physics

From what I understand in Q1 I am asked to advice how a business in retail can use content marketing properly and Q2 is something about physics.

I am going to be completely honest with you and I will admit that I don’t really know physics. I do know content marketing and retailing though so I will try to provide you with something helpful. Continue reading


From networking events to meetings



I recently took the decision to expand my company’s customer base and based to the assumption or -fact according the the image above – that 71% of a company’s customers buy because they like you, trust you and respect you I started looking for ways to meet potential customers personally before I sent the cold email or make the cold phone call. Continue reading