Cool Tech #1

Ever wondered what is impossible for a smartphone?

Smartphones are basically computers that can make phone calls and fit in our pockets. Or according to the more official definition by the Oxford dictionary:

Originally: any of various telephones enhanced with computer technology. Later chiefly: spec. a mobile phone capable of running general-purpose computer applications, now typically with a touch-screen interface and Internet access.

The definition above will most likely face changes in different periods in the future. A smartphone device is capable to do more than just running general-purpose computer applications and making phone calls. It is a powerful machine of its own and when someone takes advantage of its sensors, touch screen, camera and many other software and hardware capabilities that are unique to smartphones and use them in combination with a powerful PC – the things we are able to do could be limitless!

MIT teams develop amazing technologies and every now and then they develop what I like to call “Cool Tech”. Check out a video showcasing one of MIT’s latest technologies. They call it THAW.

Imagine what developers could do using this technology when it will become commercially available. If you check out the details in the video above, you can see that the technology probably makes use of the phone’s accelerometers and gyroscope capabilities (Remember the part with the cube in the middle of the computer screen). These capabilities can give opportunities to developers to develop software that helps architectural design or test how a new piece of hardware will react on specific movements and/or conditions before it is even developed.

What do you think this technology will be useful for besides cool games?



Note: the applications of the technology mentioned above are nothing but the author’s assumptions


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