Content Marketing: Guide 1

What is content marketing


The art of marketing has been around for many years. Both traditional and digital marketing come in many forms. A form that most people are familiar with is the marketing through content.

I was sitting at the book store the other day and I was going through the pages of two books which take you back to advertisements from 1960s to 1990s. These ads had a main thing in common; they were presenting a product’s picture which was complemented by a big description. Both the picture and the description can be considered as content, visual and written.

The latest book I read about content marketing written by Explore B2B defines the concept in a very simple way

Content marketing is as simple as it sounds: provide high quality content for users, partners, followers, consumers and you will increase participation, sales, and loyalty.

The first guide regarding content marketing on “mipeb” is simple: make the right questions regarding the content you want to create.

When you want to provide high quality content for users, partners, followers, consumers; figure out:

  • Who your audience is.
  • What is the knowledge you want to deliver to your partners, followers, readers?

As soon as you answer the questions above then you’ll be ready to jump to the next step.

Give me your answers to the two questions above and I will provide you with guidelines designed for you and your audience. 

By the end of the upcoming week I will try to publish guide #2 on content marketing.


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